Why Cork?

We show our respect to the environment through the responsible development of sustainable fishing products and concepts using cork, rubber, plant and mineral-based components. And we continue to look for ways to reduce our industry´s impact on the environment, while meeting our customers budget and needs for performance.

“Living Green” is no longer a conversation about a healthier environment, it is action toward living a better lifestyle and using sustainable practices for our planet. In some cases green-products might seem to cost more, however long term studies have shown that bio-degradable products like CorQs Strike Indicators can reduce harmful impacts on the environment, like waste — just how many plastic, foam indicators have you seen floating down the river without their owner attached?  Do you know what that junk does to our environment??

With the media and internet reporting the positive effects of using green products, it is undeniable that when we use these products, it not only supports our local waters but the whole world. This is the new lifestyle!

Trout Unlimited Magazine


Back to back summer edition reviews in TROUT magazine has put CorQs Strike Indicators on the radar of most flyfishers across the globe.

"When you fish long nymph rigs like we do here on the White River, a responsive, castable indicator makes a big difference. I'm a believer."

- Bill Thorne, TROUT Magazine