Customer Testimonials


Just got back from six days fishing on the North Platte River/Grey Reef using my new CorQs indicators. WOW! They performed outstanding! Exceeded my expectations! They are everything you said they would be.

I was able to see and detect the slightest take! I was hooking into fish that I know I would not have known where taking my flies. I was out fishing my fellow anglers by a 3 to 1 margin. I told them… you have to be quick on the set! Little did they know my secret!

Later that night, back at the cabin, someone took a look at my fly rod set up and asked me… what the heck is this indicator you are using? Well, there went my secret – sheesh! I was eventually going to tell them! ? Bad for me but good for you! You all should be seeing an increase in your ordering! Anyway, thanks for a great product.

– David, CO

Sometimes you have to look back to progress forward. After some testing, we (Duranglers) have found that this simple idea is actually one that we prefer. Some of us even more so than Thingamabobbers (I am a recent convert to this opinion).

CorQs Strike Indicators cast extremely well and are not heavy or cumbersome. They are sensitive to very light takes yet buoyant enough to hold up heavy nymph rigs. CorQs can also be purchased in all natural cork that tends to spook fish a whole lot less. The 1/2″ inch size is also perfect for spooky fish.

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I was fortunate to run across these indicators before my last outing. They fished awesome over extremely pressured browns. I was fishing it on 6x, it never slipped a bit. Definitely the best indicator I’ve run across!

– Jordan, AR

I had a very successful day last week using your indicators.  They are definitely easy to spot on the water, which is probably why I hooked up so many times!

– Daryll, NM

I recently tried your product, and I have to say I was more than impressed…I could spot it far away and it road high in the riffles, just what I have been looking for.

– Chris, ID

I have added something to my arsenal that will give me the edge on finicky fish which we all know can be stressful.

– Dan, AZ

I was able to cast 40-ft of line in the wind without it getting hung up on the indicator.

– Shane, CO

Trout Unlimited Magazine


Back to back summer edition reviews in TROUT magazine has put CorQs Strike Indicators on the radar of most flyfishers across the globe.

"When you fish long nymph rigs like we do here on the White River, a responsive, castable indicator makes a big difference. I'm a believer."

- Bill Thorne, TROUT Magazine