Underwater Shot of Trout with Nymph

Can you spot a CorQ Strike Indicator from an under water view?

Neither can the fish...we have developed a variety of two-tone flyfishing strike indicators that are hard to see from below the waterline, but easy to see from above it!

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Here's what sets CorQs apart...

  • Casts Easy

    Each dimple on the surface of our cork strike indicator provides additional lift and reduces atmospheric friction (ie Golf Balls), allowing you to cast farther with greater accuracy.

  • Reacts Fast

    The porous surface texture of our strike indicator displaces water quickly with less effort, allowing you to pick-up soft strikes that would otherwise go undetected. It's the edge you have been looking for...

  • Stays in Place

    Our plastic competitor, also known as Thingamabobber, has a tendency to slide down your line -- that won't happen with our products. Rest assured, you will be fishing at the depth you set.

CorQs FlyFishing Strike Indicator Review

  • Originals

    A multi-function strike indicator made of premium cork.

  • Tacticals

    A tactical-style indicator made specifically for high-sticking.

  • Thindicators

    Light and thin strike indicators for fishing in the film.


Type Pros Cons Water
CorQs (aka Corks) Eco-friendly. Floats high with a lot of weight. Easy to see. Simple to adjust. Natural texture doesn't spook fish. Several varieties. If you can find one, let us know - we believe we have designed an all-natural strike indicator that suits any situation. All conditions; deep or shallow, fast to slow, clear to off-color.
Air-Lock Foam Durable; easy to see; simple to adjust. Not environmentally friendly. Can be hard to cast accurately and quietly due to their plastic screw-on hinge and their weight. Deep, fast waters.
Palsa Foam Small size rarely spooks fish and can be presented quietly. Easy to use. Not environmentally friendly. Does not ride as high in the water column as foam or cork. Fish can become familiar with indicator and be spooked when drifting overhead. Small streams. Less current.
NZ Yarn Detects light strikes. Larger footprint on water to see, but lands soft. Expensive. Affected by wind more than most indicators, making it hard to present small flies accurately; with larger flies or very fast currents, indicators can become pulled below the water's surface making it hard to follow. Small or big; less current.
Putty Molded to any point on the leader section and in any size. Comes in very bright colors making it easy to see. Expensive; does not hold to the leader well so long casts or rough conditions are not recommended. Small stream; less current.
RIO Foam-line Quiet presentation for spooked fish. Does not affect presentation or casting. Can be hard to find in stores; indicator doesn't always stay above water so in fast water or low light conditions, can be hard to follow and you may miss strikes. Small stream; less current.
Dry Fly Easy to use; not constrained in the type of dry fly used; fish two columns of water; good for easily spooked fish. Some times fish will hit dry fly unexpectedly instead of nymph because it's bigger; casting two flies in tandem can lead to many tangles and knots forming in the leader section. Shallow streams; less than 5ft. Less current.
Plastic Thingamaobber Durable. Easy to see. Float higher than yarn. Not environmentally friendly. Plastic material can spook fish in clear, shallow water. Fast, choppy water. High water conditions.

Where else can you find them...

  • Orvis

    The quintessential flyfishing retailer. Yup, they've got'm!

  • Bass Pro & Cabelas

    Many Bass Pro and Cabelas retailers carry them.

  • Local Fly Shops

    Support your local fly shop by doing a quick search.